Colored Folklore - Format Change, Ep. 2 Origin (CF.Ep.002.5)
Colored FolkloreNovember 23, 2020
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Colored Folklore - Format Change, Ep. 2 Origin (CF.Ep.002.5)

Once again, we’re on our quick, well, not all that quick, detour away from our usual exploration of global folklore in our reinvigorated, newly, somewhat newly, minted, wonderful glimpse into the origin, as much as we can say that, of a south American deluge myth. Overtly verbose!! Just another day in the office here… on the colored folklore podcast

01:08 - Music: Mr. Mischief, All Good Folks (via Music Vine)

01:15 - Logo: Arthur

01:19 - Episode Art: Jacqueline

01:36 - Announcement!

03:47 - Latin Energetic Flamenco, by 331Music

04:00 - Mapuche, unaltered, Deluge Myth

09:18 - Take Aways

14:17 - Colored Folklore contact information