Podcast Exploration, Colored (CF.Ep.000.1)
Colored FolkloreOctober 12, 202018:0417.43 MB

Podcast Exploration, Colored (CF.Ep.000.1)

"Colored Folklore." Where does that name came from? What’s "Colored" got to do with any of it? On the first of two bonus, zero point, episodes we hope to... #clearingthroat we attempt to... #deepsigh WE ARE GOING TO (sorry had to psych ourselves up there) answer those questions, yet pose so many more!

Thank you for walking alongside us, here... on the Colored Folklore podcast! 

2:22 - "Colored" context and examples

4:28 - The definition of "Colored"

9:46 - Analysis and historical context of the aforementioned definition

10:52 - The murky definition of "non-white"

11:47 - Why is the podcast named “Colored”

12:49 - Our collective experiences, regarding words, history, and life

17:00 - Colored Folklore contact information