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We would like to say THANK YOU, with all that we are, for all of your support! We strongly believe in YOU hearing the stories that we research, learning about the cultures that we dive into, and to be truthful, we acquire costs delivering high quality productions and witty, timely commentary (Right!? Can you believe we pay for this stuff? Shame on US!).

We would love for you to consider supporting the show. Whether that's a quick $5 to say you appreciate the work we do (dat coffee, tho), or a recurring monthly, or even annual, membership (bringing with it all that swag! We busy building those kits nowww #AIRHORN), every cent, every moment, every thought matters. Deeply and sincerely, we couldn't do this without YOU!

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Honestly, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

We can't tell you enough thank you for even clicking on this page. We've also tossed around the possibility of, down the line, using Facebook Subscription Groups, Indiegogo campaigns, and Memberful. If you're familiar with any of these platforms, or any others, please let us know your thoughts! If you'd prefer we spend our energy in one direction over another, we're always all ears for our audience.

If you haven't already read on our Allies page, we also hope to bring you links to multiple charities, organizations, businesses, groups, vendors, and communities, locally and world-wide. If you would like to be featured on that page or are interested in any of the above or would like to start a dialogue about anything and everything, please visit our Contact page and get in touch with us!