Podcast Exploration, Folklore (CF.Ep.000.2)
Colored FolkloreOctober 12, 202040:5838.43 MB

Podcast Exploration, Folklore (CF.Ep.000.2)

"Colored Folklore." Where does that name came from? Last time we answered a little bit of the colored part, today let’s tackle some more. On the second of two bonus, zero point, episodes we run through a whole list of examples on how the folk got into the lore.

Here in our show notes we got them receipts so that you don't have to just take our word for it. There's scales to these tales, here... on the Colored Folklore podcast! 

1:13Episode 0.1 recap

2:28 – Episode 0.2 explanation

2:54 - Ambient Atmospheric Ident, by AirFamily

3:10Epic definition

5:08Parable definition

7:38Fable definition

10:52Old Wives' Tale definition

14:25 - Tall Tale definition

16:16 - Jazz Jam Ident, by _Blacksmith_

17:02 - Myth definition

19:56 - Legend definition

23:14 - Fairy Tale definition

26:09 - Ethnic Dance, by AirFamily

26:21 - Folktale definition

29:53 - Lore definition

32:22 - Definition recaps

33:36 - Folklore definition

39:24 - Colored Folklore contact information

40:30 - John Mulaney impression