North America - Oneida Nation (CF.Ep.003)
Colored FolkloreDecember 07, 2020
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North America - Oneida Nation (CF.Ep.003)

This episode North American lore shows that even that falling through a hole in the sky ain’t got nothin’ on giving birth. And for our fact, we examine an ancient people boasting of an exclusive story telling art that continues to this very day. Exclusive story telling?! Just happens to be our middle name. Here… on the Colored “exclusive story telling” Folklore podcast. 

00:52 - Music: Mr. Mischief, All Good Folks (via Music Vine)

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01:09 - Episode Art: Jacqueline

06:30 - Oneida Nation

05:33 - Censor Beep, by SoundJay

05:39 - Chair Scraping Floor, by SoundJay

09:16 - Epic Native American Female Vocal, by Orchestralis

09:43 - Oneida Nation, Creation Myth: Sky-woman

20:16 - Native American Flute Ambient, by cinematic_alex

21:22 - Take Aways

25:37 - Salishan oral narratives

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