Arctic Circle - Inuit Peoples (CF.Ep.004)
Colored FolkloreDecember 21, 2020
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Arctic Circle - Inuit Peoples (CF.Ep.004)

I’ve been waiting since before the beginning for this episode, where we visit the Inuit culture of the Arctic Circle to see why you should always be sure about what type of seeds you’re planting in your garden because you never know what type of pest you might end up with. And for our fact, we have a Scandinavian indigenous people whose shaman have a pretty fly way to traverse worlds. And yes, that was an origin / creation myth play on words to start the episode because we’re nothing if not terrible joke telling folklore dorks, here… on the Colored Folklore podcast. 

01:06 - Episode Art: Jacqueline

01:31 - Logo: Arthur

01:42 - Music: Mr. MischiefAll Good Folks (via Music Vine)

02:15 – Inuit Culture

07:06Polar, by Bransboynd

07:17 – Inuit Peoples, Creation Myth: The Raven

14:20 - Take Aways

19:07Censor Beep, by SoundJay

20:58 – Saami Noaidi Ceremonial Drum 

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