Oceanic Cultures - Indigenous Australians (CF.Ep.005)
Colored FolkloreJanuary 05, 2021
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Oceanic Cultures - Indigenous Australians (CF.Ep.005)

This episode we’re traveling through the Australian outback to see that, once again, being a parent can tend to be quite the thankless occupation. And for our fact, we’re visiting a rather TINY Oceanic island with some rather LOFTY myths and  deities that faces a problem encroaching societies the entire world over. A nuanced balancing act with high stakes and a little bit of snark? Brand new year, same ol’ cast, here…. on the Colored Folklore podcast.

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02:348 facts about Indigenous people in Australia

03:35 – Indigenous Australian culture

06:28Exploring Australia, by JBlanks

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14:11 – Take Aways

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