Asia - Tungusic People (CF.Ep.006)
Colored FolkloreJanuary 18, 2021
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Asia - Tungusic People (CF.Ep.006)

This episode we’re off to the world’s largest continent where we’ll see a couple o’ dude bros do what dude bros do best… claim ownership over land and sentient creature alike, get into a d*** measuring contest, and commit assault. And for our fact, we’re going off on a bit of an etymological bent as we discover the origin, of a word we’ve already used multiple times on this show! Okay, okay, so maybe I was a little harsh towards men with that intro. You must be new ‘round these parts. Poking fun at males throughout mythology is pretty much just what we do, here…. on the Colored Folklore podcast.

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04:47 – Tungusic Peoples

09:53 – Russian Drama, by SnowMusicStudio

10:10 – Buga

15:10 – Siberia, by Nuclearmetal

15:32 – Take Aways

23:04 – Shaman Etymology

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