Oceanic Cultures - Hawai'i (CF.Ep.012)
Colored FolkloreApril 12, 2021
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Oceanic Cultures - Hawai'i (CF.Ep.012)

This episode we’re off to the islands of Hawai’i to find out what happens when a pig tries to wrestle a volcano. And trust me, whatever you think might happen, most certainly does NOT. And for our fact, we’re exploring two people that defied an entire ruling class to bring an ancient concept of love directly to the people of their kingdom. That’s right - making you melt into a puddle on your seat, here… on the Colored Folklore podcast.

01:03 – Music: Mr. MischiefAll Good Folks (via Music Vine)

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01:19 – Episode Art: Jacqueline

01:48 – Hawai’i

05:10 – Censor Beep, by SoundJay

06:15 – Censor Beep, by SoundJay

09:10 – Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Lore

24:15 – Ticket to Adventure, by CineMedia

24:38 – Kamapua’a & Pele

33:23 – For Travel, by Micrah

34:16 – Take Aways

35:45 – Kaomi

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