Colored Folklore - Trailer, 2min (CF.Ep.000)
Colored FolkloreOctober 05, 202001:552.7 MB

Colored Folklore - Trailer, 2min (CF.Ep.000)

Welcome to the podcast!

Here, we do folktales. Here, we do colored people. Here, we... er--wait a minute... let me start over:

“Colored Folklore” is a podcast that looks at folk tales that have gotten relatively little mainstream attention. Every other Monday, we’ll take a story from a different indigenous culture from all the globe, and give it a little bit of a modern make over.

We’ll try to stay as absolutely true to the original tale as possible, but as any fairy tale studies student knows – the term ‘origin’ is extremely tricky.

See, the New World may think fairy tale begins and ends with Disney, just as the Old World feels like it exists with Perrault, and Basile, and The Grimms. But... there’s so much more. To show you how much, every week, we’ll be dropping facts alongside our stories. From First nation North Central and South Americans to the Middle Eastern cultures of North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin, from the indigenous Artic cultures to the aboriginal Australian, Torres Straight Island, and Polynesian peoples, we’ll give you a weekly dose of folklore and facts.

Because if there’s one thing this show is, it’s folklore AF.

Pun absolutely intended!