Asia - Hinduism, India (CF.Ep.013)
Colored FolkloreApril 26, 2021
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Asia - Hinduism, India (CF.Ep.013)

This episode we’re off to study the Hindu religion of India where… we’ll find… don’t make a dad joke… don’t make a dad joke – we’ll find out where the term better half REALLY comes! Sorry, low hanging fruit is apparently my kryptonite. And for our fact, we’ll learn about an entire group of intersex people blessing Indian couples for thousands of years. Giving you your biweekly does of cheesy and endearing, here… on the Colored Folklore podcast.

00:57 – Music: Mr. MischiefAll Good Folks (via Music Vine)

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01:16 – Episode Art: Jacqueline

02:00 – India

02:55 – Hinduism & LGBT Themes in Hinduism

03:25 – Censor Beep, by SoundJay

05:14 – Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Lore

12:12 – Mystic India, by JBlanks

12:48 – Ardhanarishvara

20:21 – India Sunrise, by AndySlatter

20:42 – Take Aways

25:40 – Hijra

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